Beto O'Rourke

Two lessons from Beto’s failed run for President

Beto’s run for President is over and there’s a couple lessons for Democrats to learn… well actually quite a few but I’ll focus on just two.

First, he lacked identity. Ask someone what Beto stands for or some of his policy positions and I’m betting most people couldn’t tell you. I consider myself pretty informed and I couldn’t tell you.

I’m not saying that candidates need to run on policy platforms (because they don’t) but supporters need to have at least an intuitive sense of who a candidate is.

That’s the first lesson, Democrats need to understand how to develop a recognizable identity.

For all of Trump’s shortcoming, it’s pretty clear who he is and what you’re getting if you support him.

Second, don’t make up for a lack of identity by throwing out the most leftist policy proposals that the public doesn’t support just to grab a headline. Yes, it got him attention but not the kind he wanted.

As his support flagged he vocally supported very unpopular positions like government seizure of guns. Oh yes, he did. Not only did he miscalculate how this would affect his standing among Democrats in a primary, it ensured that he’d never win a Presidential election.

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