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The real lesson from Tuesday’s election… addressing problems gets you elected

Tuesday was an off-year election and pundits are trying to make sense of the results in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia. Like here, here, and here just to name a few.

And they’re especially gleaning their crystal ball for what this all means for 2020. Although, on that front, nothing’s new… Trump’s disliked more than he’s liked, he’s popular in red states but very unpopular in blue states. We didn’t need fancy statistical analysis to tell us that.

With so much attention focused on who’s gaining ground on the red/blue, Democrat/Republican divide, most of these analyses seem to have missed the most important lesson… voters want government officials to do something about the problems they care about.

One surprise, if you can call it that, is how little effect political maneuvering like impeachment had.

A lot of attention’s been paid to the fact that Virginia’s a fully blue state (Democrats now control both houses of the Virginia legislature and governorship) but less attention’s focuses on why.

This race has centered on three main issues: gun control, teacher pay, and healthcare.

After the Virginia Beach mass shooting, Democrats crated a special session of the General Assembly to enact some sort of gun control but Republicans shot it down. Similarly, Democrats campaigned for better teacher pay and expanding healthcare coverage through Medicaid expansion.

I’m not saying expanding Medicaid is the best way to improve healthcare coverage (I’m pretty sure it’s not) but at least they’re trying. Even if their solutions aren’t ideal, the winner made it clear that they are paying attention to the basic problems citizens care about… healthcare, education, and safety.

Whichever party realizes that this is the real lesson of Tuesday’s midterms, they will become the dominant force in 2020.

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