5,400 children have been separated at the border so far 1 5,400 children have been separated at the border so far

5,400 children have been separated at the border so far

According to the latest reports, 5,400 children have now been separated from their parents at the border.

On most issues, I can see valid points on both sides, but intentionally harming children isn’t one of them.  To be a moral, just society, Americans must know what we consider right and wrong.  What we consider good or evil. To me, tearing children from their mothers is unambiguously wrong. 

I get the argument that their parents shouldn’t be crossing the bordering illegally and this provides a strong deterrent.  But there are two problems with this.

First, these are sins of the parents.  A functional society can’t punish children for the actions of their parents. Rewards and punishments must be tied to the individual performing the action.  I understand the argument for holding them and deporting them.  But if so, do it together.

Second, people throughout history have justified immoral actions, like torture and rape, by appealing to some greater good.  But these people always end up as the villains of history.

Evil is defined by the lines that people are willing to cross to achieve their self-interest.  The ends at any cost. 

For a society to function, we have to at least agree on the basics of right and wrong.  Regardless of our particular religious or moral foundations, we have to agree that rape, murder, and robbery are wrong.    Otherwise, society falls apart.  To me at least, the abuse of children needs to be on this list.

If we can’t agree on the basics of good and evil, then we have much bigger problems than people crossing the border.

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  1. Jim on October 25, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Concur there’s a problem here and children who don’t understand the broader picture are suffering. Are you suggesting we keep the parents with the children during the detainment process or do you have another approach?

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