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Can you even explain what Trump’s tariffs are for any more?

By Rob F | December 3, 2019

Let’s be clear about what tariffs are… they are taxes imposed by our government...

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NY Times poll: Biden is Democrat’s best chance to beat Trump

By Rob F | November 12, 2019

Because of the electoral college, a handful of key states (Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania,...

I voted

The real lesson from Tuesday’s election… addressing problems gets you elected

By Rob F | November 7, 2019

Tuesday was an off-year election and pundits are trying to make sense of the...

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham won’t even read testimony from the guy who made the call

By Rob F | November 6, 2019

At first, Republicans said that impeachment testimony about the Ukraine call amounted to indirect...

Wolf Report National Debt

National debt hits $23 trillion: Only $22 trillion back in February

By Rob F | November 5, 2019

Eight months. That’s all it took for the U.S. to add $1 trillion to...

Beto O'Rourke

Two lessons from Beto’s failed run for President

By Rob F | November 2, 2019

Beto’s run for President is over and there’s a couple lessons for Democrats to...

Coal miner

The coal industry’s decline is everyone’s problem

By Rob F | October 30, 2019

Despite the backing of the President and billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies to...

What's Russia got to gain in Syria? 1 What's Russia got to gain in Syria?

What’s Russia got to gain in Syria?

By Rob F | October 26, 2019

To no one’s surprise, after Trump orders U.S. troops out of Syria, Russia swoops...


Why Is Trump a Tariff Man?

December 5, 2019

It’s all about the power — and the cronyism.

America’s Red State Death Trip

December 2, 2019

“E pluribus unum” — out of many, one — is one of America’s traditional mottos. And you might think it would be reflected in...

Why Trump Should Hate Thanksgiving

November 28, 2019

So the imaginary “war on Christmas” wasn’t enough. Donald Trump and Fox News are now accusing progressives of waging a war on Thanksgiving, too,...

Trump Gives U.S. Business the Ukraine Treatment

November 25, 2019

The story that has emerged in the impeachment hearings is one of extortion and bribery. Donald Trump withheld crucial aid — aid Ukraine needed...

Trump and His Corrupt Old Party

November 21, 2019

Formally, the House of Representatives is holding an inquiry into the question of whether Donald J. Trump should be impeached. In reality, we’ve known...

Doing the Health Care Two-Step

November 18, 2019

Recent state elections — the Democratic landslide in Virginia, followed by Democratic gubernatorial victories in Kentucky and Louisiana — have been bad news for...

Trump and His Party of Pollution

November 14, 2019

Given what we’ve seen in the impeachment hearings so far, there is literally no crime, no abuse of power, that would induce Republicans to...

Bursting the Billionaire Bubble

November 11, 2019

Immense wealth isn’t good for your reality sense. Billionaires aren’t necessarily bad people, and most of them probably aren’t. However, some are, and my...

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